Monday, August 25, 2008


I'm pretty sure I have a slight case of OCD. I need my own personal space, I hate crowds, the toppings on my pizza have to be evenly distributed, my books and dvds need to be organized by genre and then alphabetical order, and so on. But the worst thing of it is that I love Disneyland, but I hate crowds... Only at disneyland is there evidence of man coming from animal as is displayed by actions and reactions. 

While waiting in line for the tram, we automatically glance around us to see if anyone is trying to cut. The less polite of us try to shoulder our way to the front, and by automatic animal reaction those cut in front of try to gain their space back. But the real fun begins when the tram arrives. All of the sudden it is a race for survival, a battle of personal pride, and a desperate attempt at keeping your party together. No longer are there attempts made at "politely" shouldering your way to the front. Nay, it is survival of the fittest and Man MUST be on THIS tram (even though there is one that will pull up as soon as its predecessor pulls out).  Babies wail, fathers curse, mothers shove their children into the short cement pillars and the backs of people's legs trying to get them on when it is evident there is no more room.

But that is not the only obstacle the species of man must face at Disneyland. At the front gate something much like the incident at the tram occurs, but this time with gates! Ah yes, mankind yet again use strollers as battering rams, disrespect the elderly and the handicapped, cut off all others, and eventually have one of their party separated from them only to reunite at the other side of the gate. And lo and behold! They have entered the land of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy, leaving today behind!

But what shall Man do first? Do they rush to Tomorrowland to get a fastpass for Space Mountain? Do they run into the shops to buy souvenirs? Do the go and eat their way to death at the turkey leg vendors? Or perhaps they make their way to the lands of pirates, jungles, and haunted mansions? Yes, New Orleans Square and Adventureland, the most congested areas in all of that joyous chaos! This, my friend, is where that space issue kicks in. Even as I write my ears ache, my heart clenches, my toes cry out in pain! The blaring jazz bands that march through the crowds make me panic and look for an escape; a crazed animal suddenly thrust into an alien environment and met with attacks made on her eardrums. 

And then there are the fireworks and parades. It seems that all the guests there are crammed into one small space and yet again transform from civilized humans into animals. Before the show starts children climb on and over strangers to get a view, men start fights with those who make cuts, mothers scream at their tots to be quiet, and teenagers try to escape to the rides that now have much shorter lines. The show soon starts, and the bickering ceases and the only sounds made by the people gathered at Disneyland are the "oo"s and "aw"s of the spectators and the distant screams of those lucky enough to escape to the rides.

Yes, in spite of all these annoyances, I still love Disneyland and strive to go there whenever I can. And by now dear reader, you must be thoroughly convinced that I am a looney for seeing such faults in people and kiddy theme parks (and also for rambling on like this, but hey, the title of my blogspot says it all). But please come back and visit my little corner as much as possible, I'm sure my insanity is at least partially entertaining!